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HealthBank was co-founded by 3 Sisters focussed on making people aware about the inner energy and spiritual strengths that contribute towards a person’s well being and multiple dimensions of health. Initiated and guided by their spiritual masters Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharati Nirmal in Kriya Yoga , Sound Therapy and Meditation, their purpose was to get people to ‘Invest in their Health’ thereby investing in themselves. HealthBank provides the instruments for this investment through Kriya Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapy and Learning Sessions. It is an investment that provides good returns in the short term as well as long term. NOW is the time to start investing in yourself to be healthy, wealthy and happy in all dimensions of your life.

Invest in your Health, Invest in Yourself

Tap into your limitless energy through Sadhana (Breath, Sound and Meditation) held during the week and on weekends.

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Sound Therapy
Align yourself to the natural universal rhythm through Sound Therapy and alleviate stress and lifestyle disorders.

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Mindfulness for Children
Gift your child the understanding and skills to develop into a complete individual and achieve her/his highest potential.

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We have a programme for EVERYONE!

For more information on the programmes and workshops we conduct please fill in the form below, it just takes a couple of minutes of your time. Your journey to a ‘Happy You’ begins with this first step.

You could also call us on 02225339533 if you need to talk to someone or write to us at healthbankthane@gmail.com

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