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Enjoying multidimensional health is the greatest joy and enrichment of human life. We at HealthBank are committed to make people aware of this possibility.

  • We will help people attain joy in all dimensions of their life through our regular sessions of Kriya Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapy and our special workshops.
  • Children are the future of our society. We at HealthBank are working towards helping them let their inner potential blossom so that they grow into happy, creative and evolved adolescents.
  •  Sessions for senior citizens is our way of paying our gratitude to our elders and helping them have happy, healthy lives.
  • At HealthBank we are aware of our social commitment and pay it forward through sessions conducted for those in public service with stress laden jobs.
  • We have a long term mission to create more masters to spread this good work on a national and international level.

Social Responsibility and Recognition

Dr.Alpa has been conducting Kriya yoga and Meditation classes at Jupiter Hospital – Thane, for the last five and half years. Hundreds of patients with various lifestyle diseases have been benefitted from these classes. Many of these patients have shown a remarkable improvement in their medical

This activity is conducted by Jupiter hospital free of cost.

And also it was selected as one of the top 40 social projects having a great social Impact.

Dr. Alpa has conducted first International research on Kriya Yoga with the guidance of her Masters Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharati Nirmal.
A research paper on the effects of Nirmal Kriya and 6 Step Nirmal Dhyan on Neuro- cardiac physiology and quality of life was presented at the International Conference on Public Mental Health and Neuro Sciences in Mumbai.

This study was conducted with 53 participants who were taught Nirmal Kriya and 6 Step Nirmal Dhyan and asked to do it daily for 6 weeks.The effect was evaluated on the Brain Wave Pattern, Heart Rhythm and quality of life scores.

There was a statistically significant improvement in the quality of life scores. The area of brain connected with improved alertness, memory and happiness became more active at the end of 6 weeks.

The paper was awarded the First prize at the conference from amongst the many presented there.

You can download the published article or read about the research done on our blog.

At Health Bank we have a mission to take Kriya Yoga to people from all walks of life and thereby help better the quality of life they enjoy.

Meet our Trainers

Dr. Alpa Dalal
Dr. Alpa Dalal
Dr. Alpa, the Head of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine at Jupiter Hospital and certified Kriya Yoga teacher takes a holistic approach towards patient rehabilitation and has been conducting a Kriya Yoga and Meditation programme at Jupiter Hospital for over 5 years.

She has conducted the first international research documenting the effects of Kriya Yoga. She has presented at various conferences and has won awards for her efforts. Her Research paper on Kriya Yoga got published in International Journal of Public Mental Health and Neurosciences in 2018.

As Co-founder and the driving force at HealthBank, she conducts Sadhana classes, workshops, Sound Therapy sessions and learning sessions on a wide array of topics. She also conducts ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops on Shakti Sadhana , Holistic Health and Sound Therapy.

Sejal Ghag
Sejal Ghag
An architect, Vastu consultant and certified KriyaYoga teacher, Sejal uses her knowledge of Inner with the Outer Vaastu and Kriya Yoga in her consultations and her programme ‘Abundance through Vastu’.

A Co-Founder at HealthBank, she conducts weekly Sadhana , Sound therapy sessions and learning sessions. She also conducts ‘Mid-Brain Activation’ sessions for children.

Purvi Dalal
Purvi Dalal
An architect and product designer, certified Kriya Yoga teacher and Sound Therapist, Purvi is widely travelled and brings a modern outlook to her practice. She has conducted Yoga and Meditation workshops at Milan during her stay there.

A Co-Founder at HealthBank, she conducts weekly Sadhana classes, Sound therapy sessions, learning sessions, corporate workshops and ‘Mindfulness for Children’. Joyful Fitness through understanding of Diet and Body composition and Agnihotra (Healing with Fire) workshops are amongst the many she conducts.

Radha Perapadan
Radha Perapadan
Radha, a graphologist, has helped people from all walks of life understand and bring positive change to their lives through the science of handwriting.

A Sound Therapist and Kriya Yoga practitioner she conducts Sadhana classes at HealthBank.

Yogesh Patel
Yogesh Patel
Yogesh is a Yoga Professional, a Personal Development Trainer and Counsellor.

He has acquired over 10 years of experience in Spiritual Sciences and studied its effects on the Mind-Body system.

At HealthBank Yogesh conducts Sadhana sessions for Senior citizens and Brain Gym sessions for children. He is an expert on diet and nutrition and conducts sessions on the same.

Tushar Samant
Tushar Samant
Tushar is a specialist in Sound Therapy and conducts personalised and group sound therapy sessions at HealthBank.

Well read, he blogs and writes articles on the science behind Spirituality and its detailed understanding.

Rajeev Mehra
Rajeev Mehra
Rajeev Mehra is a Mentor, Trainer and Spiritual Educator who has committed himself to guide people to attain Multi-dimensional Abundance and Prosperity through higher levels of Energy and Consciousness.

Rajeev specialises Wisdom Healing techniques and has developed various Life enhancing Programs including the ‘7 Dimensional Prosperity Program’ he conducts at HealthBank.

Our Contact Information

Health Bank – Yoga Studio and Sound Spa:
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Registered Office:
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Telephone: 022-25339533

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