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There are simple skills and techniques if taught to children would help them focus and be more attentive, boost their brain power and help them be happier individuals.

‘Mindfulness for Children’ is a programme designed around these skills and techniques. It helps children become aware and focussed, shows how to bring clarity and purpose to every task, helps improve their communication skills, improve their memory through games and teaches them how to meditate and learn to live without stress.

As Parents we learn Mindfulness so that we can communicate with our children in a better way and bring them up as complete individuals. It is now time to equip our children with the skills of Mindfulness to make their lives more enjoyable and let their unique potential shine as they move through life.

Purvi Dalal Co-founder of Healthbank speaks about how mindfulness in children helps them become grounded individuals and achievers in their lives giving them a strong foundation.

Programmes we conduct

Basic {Age Group: 6 – 9 Years}

  • Confidence building and Navel activation through Breath & Sound
  • Whole brain development through Aum chanting & Gayatri mantra
  • Physical and Mental balancing through Yogasanas
  • Jyoti Tratak for improving Concentration & Focus
  • Sound vibrations of Tibetan Bowls for Relaxation & Emotional balance

Advanced {Age Group: 8 – 13 Years}

  • Aum chanting & Gayatri mantra (Pacnch Mukhi Gayatri) for Balancing the Five Elements & Developing Linguistic Skills
  • Dynamic Exercises with Music
  • Mid Brain Exercises with Sound vibrations for the Development of a Photographic Memory
  • Blindfold Activities
  • Extra Sensory Perception and Intuition Development

What people are saying

Discipline, fun, learning and practical experience is what our Mindfulness programmes are about. The participating children really enjoy them as seen in the feedback we have received.

Mindfulness Sessions we conduct

For more information

For information on our Mindfulness for Children Programmes, please Contact Us, it just takes a couple of minutes of your time. You could also call us on 02225339533 if you need to talk to someone or write to us at healthbankthane@gmail.com.