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Sound has been used as a therapy for healing from ancient times with every civilization having used it in some form or the other. Sound heals at the mental and emotional levels and its vibrations heal at a cellular level.

In the universe everything vibrates at a certain frequency. In the human body each cell has a healthy frequency. Factors like wrong diet, negative thoughts and high stress levels disturb and disrupt the rhythm. During sound therapy as the cells start vibrating negativity surfaces and is released. This is how healing takes place.

Guruji Prem Nirmal talks about Sound Therapy and its benefits as he explains why ‘Sound is an idea whose time has come’.

At HealthBank we use Tibetan singing bowls and tuned frequency pipes for personal as well as group healing sessions. A combination of Breath, Sound and Meditation is used to create deep relaxation which brings about a balanced and positive state of Body – Mind.

In personal sound therapy sessions we first focus on counselling to identify problems and give individualised therapy. Sound being a non invasive therapeutic tool works at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and helps alleviate deep-rooted pains, fears and chronic stress.

We have successfully used sound therapy on people experiencing chronic and acute pain like knee osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, backache, etc. In many cases of insomnia sound therapy has helped people get rid of sleeping pills.

In our regular Sadhana and workshops sound frequencies and vibrations are used very effectively to experience a deep meditative state.

Dr. Alpa Dalal has incorporated sound healing as an integral component of Holistic Patient Care.

What people are saying

Those who have experienced the healing power of sound have appreciated the positive change it has brought into their lives. Here is what some have to say.

Sound Therapy at work

Personal Therapy Sessions

To make an appointment for a sound therapy session please call Purvi on 9769089127. Sound Therapy Sessions are carried out, strictly by appointment, in the morning at 9:00am in our studio at Wadala .

For more information, please Contact Us, it just takes a couple of minutes of your time. You could also call us on 02225339533 if you need to talk to someone or write to us at healthbankthane@gmail.com.