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  • Is your weight not reducing despite eating less?
  • Are you gaining weight even though you are eating the same amount of food for the last few months?
  • Does your weight seem to be around your tummy increasing your waistline?

Each individual has a unique way of dealing with specific food and calories. Some types of food will cause you to gain weight, while another person may not have any weight gain.

The Indian population has more tendencies to lose muscles when fasting/dieting. Any program that focuses only on weight loss with dieting can be detrimental to health in the long run.

White fat cells in your tummy not only store fat but also secrete hormones and chemicals that lead to Diabetes, Hypertension, Fatigue, Aches and Pains and
various diseases.

Losing Bad Weight (white fat cells) is important. But Gaining Good Weight (brown fat cells) and Muscle Mass is equally important.

Dr. Abhijit Deshpande speaks on how WAR (White Adipocyte Reduction) is important to acquiring a healthy lifestyle.

In the WAR Program you will :

  • Get to know the percentage of your Body Fat and Muscle Mass through a Body Composition Analysis
  • Find out if you are affected by Anxiety or Binge Eating
  • Get insights into the adverse effects of having a high percentage of White Fat Cells and a low percentage of Muscle Mass

The WAR Program  

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