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At HealthBank we have integrated the wisdom and skills that we have acquired from our masters Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharti Nirmal with Dr.Alpa Dalal’s experience of clinical practice and ten years of integrated medical practice and research to create insightful and practical workshops that combine ancient wisdom with modern science.

Workshops we conduct

Shakti means energy and Sadhana is practice.

In this workshop you will learn various practices, which include Breathing exercises, Asanas, Mudras, Six Step Nirmal Dhyan and Meditation with Sound and Frequencies, to change your energy dynamics. Regular practice of these exercises will help you create for yourself an energy reservoir.

Our thoughts and emotions, our strengths and weakness, our stress and diseases are all the result of the imbalance of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) in our body.

This workshop aims to achieve perfect physical, mental and emotional balance. It will include Surya Namaskar, Sunyoga, information about Pranic Foods, Kriya, Holistic breathing exercises, Meditation and Aura reading. The Course material provided lists practices that will ensure you maintain the elemental balance in daily life

Agnihotra or Healing Fire is an ancient science described in the Vedas to purify your surroundings.

When mantras and fire prepared with special organic substances are timed to the sunrise/sunset biorhythm, the change in the atmosphere is phenomenal. This cleansed and rearranged atmosphere brings about cleansing and healing of your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Causal bodies.

You will systematically learn the Science and the practice of Agnihotra and will be provided with the Kit to continue your daily practice.

In a Corporate environment you need to have many skills to handle work pressures and produce results for the growth of your company and yourself. You need physical and mental strength and be emotionally balanced to cope with stress and with every situation.

In our corporate workshops we guide you to holistic health to help you handle stress, enhance your productivity, enjoy working as a team member or a team leader and achieve your goals.

We use various exercises and games along with Self exploration techniques, breathing exercises and Meditation with sound frequencies and vibrations of Himalayan Singing bowls.

Everyone seeks physical fitness and a beautiful toned up body. But more often than not one ends up giving up on fitness programmes as they become monotonous, forced, regimental and rarely enjoyable.

In Joyful Fitness you will learn comprehensive, effective, fast-track and enjoyable exercises and practices that can bring changes in your metabolism, mental and emotional calmness and physical fitness.

The navel is the seat of all known and unknown phobias that we have accumulated over many years due to our past negative experiences. These fears keep pulling us back, not allowing us to take off and utilise our full potential.

In this workshop you will learn breath correction for navel activation and receive sound vibrations of Tibetan Bowls and Tuned Pipes to release accumulated fears.

Navel activation helps in confidence building, assertive communication and public speaking.

In our life we acquire an education and professional skills to progress in our field of interest. Unknowingly we invest too much time, energy and money in some areas of our lives and neglect other areas.

In this workshop you will learn about the 7 Dimensions of holistic life which are Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Financial and Time. You will learn to score each dimension to find out your deficit factor and how to correct it to invite 7 dimensional prosperity.

Our Aura is the Energy body around the Physical body which holds our thoughts and emotions. Seeing the aura with naked eyes develops your ability and skill to understand, connect and see the subtle dimensions beyond the gross physical dimension.

This workshop will help you become sensitized to your surroundings and enhance your Emotional quotient.

There are seven energy centers or Chakras along the spine. These govern the working of your physical organs and your mental and emotional patterns. Blockages in these energy centres are responsible for many physical ailments of the corresponding organ system and many mental and emotional disturbances. Chakra healing is a process to understand the working of the chakras and open blockages to activate them.

In this workshop you will learn various Kriyas, Mudras and Sound Healing to activate and balance your chakras. This is aimed to create a clear path whereby energy can flow unobstructed from the 1st to the 7th Chakra.

Swara is the science of nasal breathing, an ancient science called Shiv Sarvodaya Shastra that helps you to achieve your highest potential.

In this workshop you will learn lots of breathing techniques which will help you to activate and balance your Autonomic Nervous System, Left brain and the Right brain.

Many participants have used these techniques in the daily life and have reported tremendous progress in material and spiritual life.

PEVF is Personal Energetic Vibrational Frequency.

Guruji Prem Nirmal says that every human being vibrates at a certain frequency creating their unique PEVF that communicates with the universe. We invite health, wealth and relationships in our life depending on whether we are vibrating at low or high PEVF.

In this workshop you will learn the science and precise techniques of how to get into and remain in high PEVF zone.

Sound vibrations and frequencies have the power to restore you to your natural health and balances.

In this workshop you will be given scientific understanding as well as hands-on-training of different sound vibrations and frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls, Tuned pipes and chimes and their practical applications in your day to day life.

In this Workshop you will learn about the Law of Karma and how our karmas create our destiny. But there are solutions available to come out of the influence of Karmas and to have the freedom of choice. You will learn many processes of Karmakshalan for deep rooted Karma healing and get empowered to change your destiny.

Astral Travel is something that we do daily in our sleep unknowingly and unconsciously. Though it sounds like an esoteric practice, our ancient Rishis and scriptures have talked about our existence in layers beyond the physical body like the etheric, mental & emotional body, etc. Modern science is now validating this concept saying that our subconscious mind and our thoughts and emotions have a more profound effect than our physical actions on our health and well being.

In this workshop you will learn about different layers of existence, what is the Astral body, what is Astral travel and experience astral travel consciously and with awareness. You may get access to deeper layers of your subconscious mind to heal yourself of past traumas.

As young masters we look to pass on the knowledge we have acquired to those who would take up our mission of helping people enjoy multidimensional health and live a joyful and enriched life. To this end we have put together our ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops in –

  • Shakti Sadhana where you will learn to conduct Naval breathing, Holistic Breathing Exercises, Suryoday Kriya, Breath awareness and Meditation.
  • Basics of Sound Healing and Elemental Vibrational Therapy.

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